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Energy and climate

As a member of Klimabündnis Lëtzebuerg since 2000, and a signatory of the Climate Pact since 2012, the City of Luxembourg has put in place a set of measures aimed at reducing energy consumption (particularly of fossil fuels) and climate impacts. These include:  

  • the adoption of low-energy or passive house standards for municipal buildings;
  • the use and development of renewable energies, including solar collectors, photovoltaic systems, hydroelectric power, wood-fuelled heating;
  • energy-saving technologies in municipal buildings and for public lighting;
  • replacement of individual heating systems by more efficient district heating;
  • eco-friendly mobility options in combination with the air quality plan;
  • energy recommendations for city residents.

Climate Pact

On 26 May 2016, the City of Luxembourg received certification under the European Energy Award programme for the first time, having achieved a score of 54%. The aim is to achieve a score of at least 75% in the medium term.


Latest news: Climate Pact – Recommendations

As a signatory to the Climate Pact and in collaboration with Ëmweltberodung Lëtzebuerg, the City of Luxembourg publishes a number of practical recommendations on its website that can help you protect the environment and take action against climate change.


Energy consumption and energy production performance

Primary energy consumption within the city has remained stable despite an average annual population growth rate of 3%.

The City of Luxembourg aims to increase the proportion of energy consumption covered by renewable energies,

which currently account for around 10% of the electrical energy consumed in the City.

About 14% of the thermal energy used by the City of Luxembourg's administrative offices is covered by its own renewable energy production.

Solar map

The City of Luxembourg offers its residents an online rooftop solar mapping tool. To check the solar potential of your home, click here.

Subsidies for solar thermal installations

To promote investment in renewable energies, the City of Luxembourg grants subsidies for solar thermal installations.

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