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Marx avec Harmonica (Marx with Harmonica)

As part of the Mierscher Kulturhaus's BABEL project, and in partnership with Solidarität mit Hörgeschädigten ASBL, this production by the Théâtre des Casemates included sign language interpreting.
In honour of Karl Marx's 200th birthday, the Théâtre des Casemates presented a reading of his analytical, militant but also slightly absurd texts. Hermann Treusch, former director of the Freie Volksbühne theatre in Berlin, added an extra layer to the show with his atmospheric strains of harmonica.
Text selection and reading: Marc Limpach and Hermann Treusch
Music: Michel Herblin (harmonica), Michel Reis (piano)
A production by the Théâtre des Casemates with support from Fondation Robert Krieps.

À part être

With great compassion and artistic ingenuity, the Luxembourg choreographers Annick Pütz and Thierry Raymond created a performance for dancers with reduced mobility and able-bodied dancers alike. The result was both touching and astonishing; the energy that was transmitted was intimate and engaging at the same time. It was a thrilling performance.
Created as part of the BlanContact project

Dance, music, bodies in motion

accouche d’un espace
où s’abriter
s’en habiller
l’habiter d’habitudes
de rires et ritournelles

faiseur d’étrangetés

terre sans nom
proche étrange
où les chemins se croisent
juste sous la surface

Show information

Artistic direction, choreography: Annick Pütz, Thierry Raymond
Dancer: Giovanni Zazzera
blanContact workshop dancers: Pierre Bangnowski, Sandra Beck, Michèle Besch, Irma Chenet, Jean-Marie Dummong, Martina Haasenritter, Nora Nouche Hoffmann, Antonio Mazzaro, Michel Meier, Patrick Racz, Fabienne Theisen, Steve Urbing, Tiziana Valenzano, Katalin Wagner, Dany Weber
Guest dancers from the DADOFONIC Collective: Cristiano Dias Andrade, Sandra Fernandes Fitas
Musicians: Nicolas Billaux (Oboe), Florence Borgers (Piano, Double Bass)
Object manipulation consulting: Frank Soehnle
Set design: Trixi Weis
Costume design: Dagmar Weitze
Lighting design: Nina Schaeffer
Dresser: Liette Majerus
Production: Mierscher Kulturhaus, Fondation Kräizbierg
Coproduction: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
Sponsor: Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte
Produced with assistance from the Fonds culturel national Luxembourg
With support from Fondation Indépendance and the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region (Ministère de la Famille, de l’Intégration et à la Grande Région)
Partners: TROIS C-L - Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, DADOFONIC Collective

"Inclusion" gala

Art and culture without barriers

Art and culture came together without barriers at the fourth "Inclusion" gala, held as part of the City of Luxembourg's awareness weeks. This event at the Luxembourg City Conservatoire featured music, dance, theatre and poetry by outstanding performers.

After the performance, the City of Luxembourg hosted a reception along with several disability-related workshops: (APEMH, Autisme Luxembourg, Ligue-HMC, Op der Schock, Tricentenaire, Tridoc, Yolande-Coop).

On the programme


Dance lives through body language, gestures and movements. But what happens when the body is unable to move as freely as it might?
This is the question that choreographers Annick Pütz and Thierry Raymond (who also holds a degree in psychomotor therapy) have been exploring for a decade through their blancContact project, which was started in 2007 by the Mierscher Kulturhaus and Fondation Kraïzbierg. Their goal is to bring together dancers with and without special needs. In their new production, "À part être" (Existing Apart), the troupe highlighted the unique ways in which all individuals can express themselves, showing once again that a disability does not need to be an obstacle. Two excerpts from the show were performed during the gala. It was a moving, touching adventure that was full of surprises.

DADAFONIC Collective

Häerzgeflüster am Tangoschrëtt The Dadofonic Collective put on several short performances on the themes of love and music: accompanied by swing, jazz and tango rhythms, elegant and compelling characters moved past hopes and disappointments toward the greatest passion of all. 

The audience was delighted to discover a charming, positive world where expert artistry met liberating lightness.

The DADOFONIC Collective is a Sheltered Workshop of the Ligue HMC. The 13 performers rehearse every day in Bertrange.

Noémie Desquiotz-Sunnen

The Luxembourg-born soprano studied at the Luxembourg City Conservatoire and the Conservatoire of Nancy. She has taken many specialised courses with renowned opera singers, including Sylvia Geszty and Ingeborg Hallstein. In addition to working as a teacher, choirmaster and voice coach, Noémie is frequently sought out as a soloist for choral and orchestral concerts in Luxembourg and abroad. She has sung in many opera productions. Her past roles include the Queen of the Night in Mozart's "The Magic Flute".

She has had ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) since 2013, but she has refused to let this gruelling disease or her disability overcome her, and continues to perform as a soloist. During the gala, she will enchant you from her wheelchair with her magnificent voice, showcasing the acoustics of the Conservatory and leaving a lasting impression.

As in the year before, Noémie was accompanied on the piano by Pit Heyart: Pit Heyart, 32, began his musical career at the age of 7 at the Redange School of Music, where he studied trumpet and piano. He then continued to play music for fun, taking courses at the Luxembourg City Conservatoire. After receiving his high school diploma with a specialisation in languages and literature, he decided to embark on his musical studies at the Université P. Verlaine de Metz, where he studied musicology, and at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (Cologne University of Music). Although his studies focused on teaching, he continued his career as a pianist. He was deeply inspired by his professors, especially Ms K. Reifenrath in Luxembourg and Mr R. Braun in Cologne.

Jean Ziata

Another important performer who deserves to be mentioned. Jean returned to the Gala after a few years away. His accordion and guitar are as much a part of him as the air he breathes. Jean, a blind performer of African descent, grew up in Luxembourg and draws on an extraordinary repertoire.

Fräncki Friederich, an actor, writer and juggler from the Dadofonic Collective, and Madeleine Kayser, the City of Luxembourg's disability liaison officer, hosted this special evening.

After the performances, the City of Luxembourg invited attendees to a magnificent reception organised in collaboration with several disability-related associations. Interactions with the performers, delicious finger food and festivities were on the agenda to round off the evening.

This Is My Bed

Fondation Ecouter pour Mieux s'Entendre (Listen to Enhance Communication) was delighted to share a project created and performed by people with autism, or multiple physical and/or intellectual disabilities: "This Is My Bed". This performance was created by the English Touring Opera for people with special needs in partnership with the Perseid School and the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon.

Having previously put on shows including The Midnight Moon, RedBlueGreen, Spin, Rumbled and Different, The English Touring Opera was back in Luxembourg for a sixth time with their new interactive show for people living with disabilities. It is a marvellous, multi-sensory experience.

Running time

Over three days, more than 300 children and adults living with disabilities had the opportunity to participate in these fantastic, interactive performances. The show was performed three to four times a day at the Espace Découverte of the Philharmonie.

Target audience

All organisations for people living with disabilities in Luxembourg were invited to participate.

In 2017, 367 people attended this three-day event. Divided into audiences of no more than 40 people, the nine shows performed over the three days sold out.


Tim Yealland (stage manager), Pete Letanka (composer), Abigail Kelly (singer), Bradley Travis (singer), Joana Marie Skillett (singer)