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The Schluechthaus site (Old Slaughterhouse), which belongs to the City of Luxembourg, covers an area of around 2.5 ha, including a number of green spaces. Situated in Hollerich near major thoroughfares, several schools and the future Porte de Hollerich eco-district, the Schluechthaus occupies a superb location in southern Luxembourg City.

This former slaughterhouse, which stopped operating in 1997, currently houses the City of Luxembourg's Service Sports (Sport Department), a skatepark and several storage areas. In anticipation of the relocation of the Service Sports to its new site on Boulevard de Kockelscheuer in spring 2020, the City is planning to launch an architectural design competition to redevelop the Schluechthaus.


As part of the European Heritage Days from 21 to 29 September 2019 hinging around the theme of "Arts and Entertainment", there was an Open Day at the Schluechthaus in Hollerich on Saturday, 21 September 2019.

The aim was to raise awareness among local residents and the public about the future redevelopment project for the site and to garner visitors' input to help draw up specifications that will serve as the basis for the architectural design competition scheduled for next year

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