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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I lodge a complaint or make a suggestion?

For any queries, suggestions or complaints regarding our bus service, please contact us by filling in our "Contact form".

I am at the stop, but the bus did not halt to let me on.

If the bus does not stop at your stop, it is probably full. For safety reasons, if the bus is already full, no more passengers may be allowed on the bus. If this is the case, the driver must continue along the usual route and serve only the stops where passengers wish to get off.

The bus is full: can I stand at the front next to the driver?

By law, the area near the driver may not be occupied by passengers while the bus is in motion. Every bus is fitted with a barrier that separates the driver's area from the passenger area of the bus: this is a safety measure to ensure that the driver always has enough room to manoeuvre and that their driving is not impaired if the bus is crowded or has to brake suddenly.

For understandable visibility and safety reasons, drivers are instructed not to allow passengers to stand in this front area. The driver will ask people who remain in this area to step back behind the safety barrier or get off and take the next bus.


The bus I take to work is often late...

During peak hours, both buses and other road users may experience congestion issues affecting the flow of travel in the city.

Especially outside of school holidays, buses may unfortunately be delayed during rush hour.

To view real-time bus departures on your smartphone, download our free cityapp.

Traffic has come to a halt: can I get off the bus?

According to the traffic code and for obvious safety reasons, bus drivers are prohibited from letting passengers on or off anywhere other than at marked bus stops and bus stations.

Even if the bus is in a traffic jam, you therefore may not get out while the bus is at a red light or stopped next to the pavement.

Can children travel alone?

Children under 4 must be accompanied by someone aged 12 or over.

I forgot my umbrella on the bus. What do I do?

If you realise that you have left or lost an item on one of our buses, please call the Service Autobus (Bus Department) as soon as possible on 4796-2975.

To make it easier for us to look for your lost property, please tell us as best you can the date, time and line number of the bus on which you left your item.

Lost and unclaimed objects will be returned to the National Lost Property Office (Service national des objets trouvés) of the Grand Ducal Police (4997-2036).

Please give any items you find on a municipal bus to the driver.

Who announces the names of the bus stops?

In 2015, the City of Luxembourg launched the participatory project "Votre voix dans les bus de la Ville" (Your Voice on our City Buses), following the example of other cities around the world, where similar schemes have met with great success. Different people have lent their voices to be used to announce bus stops throughout the capital. The choice of voices recorded was made according to certain criteria (age, sex, etc.) to reflect the multiplicity and diversity of the City.

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