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Who can vote

Everyone registered on the electoral rolls must vote on election day. However, people over the age of 75 are not required to vote.

Luxembourgish nationals living abroad are not required to vote, but they may choose to cast their ballot by post in legislative and European elections, as well as in national referenda.

They are eligible to vote in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:

  • in the municipality where they last lived;
  • or where the above is not applicable, the municipality where they were born;
  • or where none of the above is applicable, Luxembourg City.

When you can vote

  • Municipal elections are open to all Luxembourgish nationals (who are automatically registered to vote as soon as they fulfil the legal conditions) and to all non-Luxembourgers who have registered to vote in municipal elections after living in Luxembourg for a total of at least 5 years and for 12 full, consecutive months at the time of registering to vote;
  • European elections are open to all Luxembourgers (who are automatically registered to vote as soon as they fulfil the legal conditions) and to all other EU nationals living in Luxembourg who have registered to vote in European elections;
  • Legislative elections are open anyone who has Luxembourgish nationality

 Where to vote

At least five days in advance, the college of the mayor and aldermen sends each registered voter an election notice that states the election date, the times when the polls open and close, and the location of their polling station.

Postal voting is open to all voters.

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