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Administrative procedures

Declarations of residence, arrival and departure, identity card, biometric passport, vital events (birth, marriage, civil partnerships, deaths), certificates an...

Apply for an identity document

Luxembourgish identity card and Luxembourgish biometric passport.

Apply for Luxembourgish nationality

Procedures and conditions.

parc municipal de la Ville en automne

Autumn and winter services

Collection of fallen leaves, clearing of snow, and salting of public roads, squares, bus stops, cycle paths and footpaths in parks.

By collection type

Curbside collection, collection in bulk on demand, public containers (igloos), Recycling Centre and SuperDrecksKëscht fir Biirger

By waste type

Residual waste, glass, paper/cardboard, PMC packaging (Valorlux), food waste, turf, garden waste, bulky waste, wood, scrap metal, household appliances, hazardou...

Calculate your charges

By recycling more, you reduce your residual waste and pay less! Calculate your annual charges using our calculator! RECYCLE MORE, PAY LESS


Certificates of residence, long-form certificates of residence, certificates of registration at a reference address, certificates of registration on the elector...

Chèque-Service Accueil

The childcare service voucher scheme (chèque-service accueil – CSA) grants parents reduced rates for non-formal education and childcare services, depending on a...

Civil registry extracts

Birth, marriage and death certificates. Order online.

Collection calendar

Don't miss pickup day! Check the collection calendar to find out when the different types of household waste are collected on your street.

Jardin communautaire Ville Haute-Gare

Community gardens

Luxembourg City's ecological and social gardening project.

Connection to the gas and electricity networks

For technical questions concerning the gas and electricity grids (connections, metre installations, grid repairs), please contact Creos Luxembourg S.A.

Declaration of residence – departure and arrival

Declaration of arrival, change of residence within the city limits and declaration of departure.

Ensuring garage access

Garage entrances blocked by illegally parked vehicles

pioches dan un jardin

Gardening in the city

Conservation of rare and endangered species of useful plants at the Klouschtergaart, community gardens for residents and gardens for rent.

Helping foreign nationals

Practical advice for new residents is available in the form of a paper guide and online portal, as well as from the Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Immi...

quartier du Grund, vue sur le jardin du Klouschtergaart


Conservation of rare and endangered useful plants, awareness raising and knowledge transfer

Konviktsgaart extérieur


Konviktsgaart is a modern, welcoming and secure facility comprising 110 assisted living units. Whether they choose to stay in one of our apartments or studios, ...

Legalisation services and certified copies

Signature legalisation for parental authorisations or letters of undertaking (for foreign nationals). Certified copies.

Vivre sans voiture projet lauréat 1

Limpertsberg: Car-free living

The 7,000-square-metre site proposed to house the car-free living pilot project is located in Limpertsberg, a 15-minute walk from the city centre, on a block bo...

quartier du Grund

Luxembourg City's 24 districts

Main features, geographic location, key population figures and an overview of the city's infrastructure

Luxembourg identity card

Mandatory as of age 15. Information on documents to submit, renewal, fees, application deadlines and expedited procedures.

Luxembourgish biometric passport

General information, documents to submit, fees, processing times and expedited procedures.

Kermesses de quartier

Neighbourhood fairs

These neighbourhood fairs provide a friendly atmosphere where people can meet and socialise.

Office hours

Luxembourg City's aldermen are ready to answer any questions you have about current events or to discuss any other matters you wish to take up with them.

parc municipal de la Ville


Edouard André Municipal Park in the city centre, Tony Neuman Park in Limpertsberg, Merl Park in Hollerich, Cessange Park, Laval Park in Eich and Kaltreis Park i...

Registering a civil partnership

Two partners, of the same or different sexes, must appear together before the civil registrar of their joint place of residence to personally and jointly declar...

Registering your dog

New dog registration, annual fee, change of residence or owner, potentially dangerous dogs and death of a dog

Rent commission

The Commission des loyers (Rent Committee) is an arbitration body for landlords and tenants, which handles increases and reductions in rent.

Request a certificate or an extract

Certificate of residence, long-form certificate of residence, certificate of voter registration, certificate of life Birth, marriage and death certificates Orde...

Residential areas

Areas with speed limits of 20 or 30 km/h for the safety of vulnerable road users

Residential parking permits

If you live in Luxembourg City and own a car, you are entitled to a permit enabling you to park for free in your parking zone.

Solidarity benefits

Rule: Anyone who resides in Luxembourg City and receives cost-of-living benefits from the National Solidarity Fund (<i>Fonds National de Solidarité</i>) may app...

course de fond

Sports pour tous - Adults

This programme for persons aged 16 and over is packed with new outdoor sports activities, such as beach volleyball, advanced hiking, introductory and advanced g...

Subdivision (formerly fragmentation)

Any owner of a plot of land that can be built on immediately (regardless of whether this land has existing structures) who intends to break the land up into mul...

Vote in elections

Municipal, legislative, and European elections. Voter registration. Voting by post. People unable to vote on election day.


Water supply connection

Procedures and forms for new connections and for the removal, disconnection, transfer, change or replacement of an existing connection, and for the lease of sta...

Compteur d'eau

Water: connecting your home

Turning on, turning off, pricing and water meter for drinking water.