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Add your event to the "What's on" page

If you want your event listed on the "What's on" page of this website, on the cityapp – VDL or in City magazine, enter your event information into the eventsinl...

Administrative procedures

Declarations of residence, arrival and departure, identity card, biometric passport, vital events (birth, marriage, civil partnerships, deaths), certificates an...

Aid and assistance

for families, seniors, people in need, foreign nationals and associations

Ville de Luxembourg

Aid for cultural projects

Under certain conditions, the organisers of cultural projects may apply to the City of Luxembourg for financial aid or logistical support.

Apply for an identity document

Luxembourgish identity card and Luxembourgish biometric passport.

Apply for Luxembourgish nationality

Procedures and conditions.

Assistance in daily life

Home amenities and services: single phone number for assistance, Téléalarme personal alert system, meals-on-wheels, indoor and/or outdoor home maintenance and m...

Semaines de sensibilisation - Une Ville pour tous _ édition 2019

Awareness Weeks

Gaining a better understanding of people who are different from us opens up new doors: dialogue between people with disabilities and the general public, and ove...

Bureau Accueil Social

Personalised information, advice, and guidance toward the competent office, whether internal or external to the City's administrations.


Burial and cremation, date and time of the ceremony, place of burial or interment of ashes, grave deeds, funerary monuments and forest cemeteries


Certificates of residence, long-form certificates of residence, certificates of registration at a reference address, certificates of registration on the elector...

Chèque-Service Accueil

The childcare service voucher scheme (chèque-service accueil – CSA) grants parents reduced rates for non-formal education and childcare services, depending on a...

Civil registry extracts

Birth, marriage and death certificates. Order online.

Clearing of snow

Clearing of snow from pavements in winter. Assistance provided to persons living alone who are over 65 and/or have specific needs.

Illustration conférence


Several lectures and theme days are planned as part of the 2019 Awareness Weeks.

Declaration of residence – departure and arrival

Declaration of arrival, change of residence within the city limits and declaration of departure.

Illustration dinner in the dark

Dinner in the Dark

As the name suggests, participants enjoy a meal in the dark, but are also guided by visually impaired people through a totally unique experience.


On 30 March 2020, as part of World Endometriosis Awareness Month, the City will be hosting a series of events – including a round-table discussion, an exhibitio...

bâtiment du musée d'histoire de la Ville, Lëtzebuerg City Museum

Exhibitions – Guided tours

Exhibitions by different associations working in the field, photo exhibitions, guided tours at the Lëtzebuerg City Museum, Invitation to the museums, and more

Université Populaire du Cinéma - Cinémathèque

Film screenings

In partnership with "Trisomie21", "Fondation Ecouter pour Mieux s'Entendre" and Kinepolis, two feature films and a pre-feature film will be shown.

Cinémathèque - Université Populaire 2

Film screenings

In partnership with "ALAN – Maladies Rares Luxembourg", APEMH and Kinepolis, two pre-features and one full feature film will be shown.

activité enfants _ Märchenwald

For families

Infrastructure, services and financial aid for children and young people: childcare voucher scheme, municipal crèches, childcare centres, Kanner-Elteren-Center,...

For people in need

Financial aid and other types of assistance, support and advice, social supermarkets and culture passes, which grant free or discounted admission to Luxembourg ...

Gender equality

The City recognises different gender-based needs and takes them into account in its public services and the cultural, sporting and recreational activities it of...

Gender equality

The City recognises different gender-based needs and takes them into account in its public services and the cultural, sporting and recreational activities it of...

Indoor and outdoor maintenance and minor repairs

Do you need help with maintenance or minor repairs inside or outside your home, or in carrying out certain tasks? The City of Luxembourg offers an assistance se...


An individual pass issued upon request to persons or families experiencing economic hardship. The pass entitles its holder to free admission to all Luxembourg C...

Illustration conférence


Several lectures and theme days were planned as part of the 2018 awareness weeks.

Legalisation services and certified copies

Signature legalisation for parental authorisations or letters of undertaking (for foreign nationals). Certified copies.

Plateforme LetzShop

LetzShop: become a vendor

The e-commerce platform will be an online shop that brings together vendors from all over the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on one site. It will enable them to gain...

Luxembourg identity card

Mandatory as of age 15. Information on documents to submit, renewal, fees, application deadlines and expedited procedures.

Luxembourgish biometric passport

General information, documents to submit, fees, processing times and expedited procedures.

People with disabilities

Involvement of people with disabilities (brainstorming sessions, participative committee, awareness week, etc.), joint setting of priorities, consideration of a...

Philharmonie de Luxembourg


Inclusion Gala, performances and benefit concerts: "Sangen ALS Challenge", "Birdwatching"

Semaines de sensibilisation - Roll & Run

Public events

Special Needs Action and Sports Day / Third "Roll & Run"

Register a death

Deaths must be registered with the civil registry of the municipal office for the place of death within 24 hours.

Registering a civil partnership

Two partners, of the same or different sexes, must appear together before the civil registrar of their joint place of residence to personally and jointly declar...

Registering your dog

New dog registration, annual fee, change of residence or owner, potentially dangerous dogs and death of a dog

Rent commission

The Commission des loyers (Rent Committee) is an arbitration body for landlords and tenants, which handles increases and reductions in rent.

School grants

For young people who are successfully pursuing full-time post-primary studies

Social assistance

Assistance in the form of short-, medium-, or long-term social support to protect human dignity. Such assistance may be palliative, curative, or preventive, and...

Social housing

Luxembourg City currently owns 550 social housing units. Persons who have resided in Luxembourg City for at least three years and who are neither the owner, nor...

Social housing for the elderly and/or people with special needs

The City has 192 social housing units for the elderly and/or people with special needs.

Social supermarkets

Social supermarkets that make unsold or unsellable food items (that are in perfect condition) available to persons in need. Buyers contribute financially accord...

Solidarity benefits

Rule: Anyone who resides in Luxembourg City and receives cost-of-living benefits from the National Solidarity Fund (<i>Fonds National de Solidarité</i>) may app...


Services aimed at people who spend most of their lives on the streets

Vote in elections

Municipal, legislative, and European elections. Voter registration. Voting by post. People unable to vote on election day.