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Wunnquartier Stade Maquette

"Wunnquartier Stade" – General information

The competition is part of a project to develop the site currently occupied by the Josy Barthel Stadium.

Wunnquartier Stade_orthophoto

"Wunnquartier Stade" – Urban planning competition

Urban planning competition for the development of the site currently occupied by the Josy Barthel Stadium, and surrounding areas along <i>Route d'Arlon</i><i></...

Chambres meublées 133 rue de la Tour Jacob

12 furnished rooms

The City of Luxembourg has 12 new furnished rooms for rent in 2 separate houses.

Chambre Konviktsgaart intérieur


A comprehensive range of services, provided in a friendly environment. Check out our apartments and studios.

Inscription stylo et papier


Admission to an assisted-living facility for seniors at Konviktsgaart is granted based on criteria set by the City of Luxembourg.

Illustration de l'inauguration du château d'eau Ban de Gasperich

Ban de Gasperich water tower

Luxembourg City is undergoing rapid growth, and both the number of residents and the city’s working population are increasing steadily.

Belair – Place de Gand

Passerelle Neudorf

Bike and pedestrian bridge connecting the Cents, Neudorf and Weimershof districts

Description of the new bike and pedestrian bridge connecting the Cents Plateau and the Kirchberg Plateau.

Bonnevoie – Kaltreis Park

Bonnevoie – Place du Parc

Bonnevoie – Rue Jean-Baptiste Gellé

chantier icon

Bonnevoie: Rue de Pont-Rémy

Bonnevoie upgrade works on Rue Pont-Rémy between Rue Xavier de Feller and Rue Demy Schlechter until 2022.


Bonnevoie: Rue Marguerite-Séraphine Beving, Rue Xavier de Feller, Rue Jean-Baptiste Gellé, Rue Henri Vannérus, and Rue Pierre Krier

Infrastructure work will last until July 2022.


Cessange: Rue des Artisans, Bei der Härewiss, Rue de Bouillon, Rue de Cessange

Infrastructure work will last until 2022.

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Cessange: Rue des Champs, Rue Nicolas Gredt, Rue Tubis

Upgrade works will last until the winter of 2022.

Chantier d'infrastructures

Current construction projects

Type of work, schedules, traffic information, progress to date, home utility connections and contact information

Participation citoyenne (Octobre 2020)

Development of public spaces through civic engagement – Placemaking

Public spaces are supposed to be for all to use. Therefore, everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to discussions on the development of these spaces...

Service Konviktsgaart

Fees at Konviktsgaart

Price and payment information.

Illustration de l'inauguration de 3 logements sociaux à la rue Vauban 25 : 5.6.2018

Financial aid for building or purchasing a home

Luxembourg City can, under certain conditions, provide financial aid for building or purchasing a home in Luxembourg City.

Gare – Rue de Strasbourg

Gare: Boulevard de la Pétrusse

Parc Ban de Gasperich

Gasperich: Public park development project – Ban de Gasperich

16.6 hectares of green space. The park will have a playground, grassy areas, a sports field, and much more!

deux mains pointant sur un plan

General development plan (PAG)

The general development plan outlines the future use of a plot (e.g. zoning: accommodation, offices, businesses or green spaces), and determines the size limits...

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Grund and Cents: Rue de Trèves & Rue de Cents

Upgrade works will last until May 2022.

Grund – Op der Schmëdd

Konviktsgaart extérieur


Konviktsgaart is a modern, welcoming and secure facility comprising 110 assisted living units. Whether they choose to stay in one of our apartments or studios, ...

Limpertsberg – Georges Willmar Park

Limpertsberg – Place Laurent

Limpertsberg – Rue de l'Avenir


Limpertsberg: Boulevard Emmanuel Servais and Boulevard Paul Eyschen

Upgrade works will last until 2022.

Vivre sans voiture projet lauréat 1

Limpertsberg: Car-free living

The 7,000-square-metre site proposed to house the car-free living pilot project is located in Limpertsberg, a 15-minute walk from the city centre, on a block bo...

Merl – Place Thorn


Merl: Rue des Ligures, Rue de la Barrière, Rue de Virton and Rue de St Gengoul

Upgrade works will last until 2022.

parc merl

Merl: Upgrade of the playground in Merl Park

Presentation of the plans for a modern, multi-use playgound with a wide range of options for play, exploration, and relaxation.

Minor works and construction

The following works and construction, which are minor and do not fall within the scope of a building permit or statement of work according to Article 57.3 of th...

Other applications

Application forms to request a certificate proving municipal protection, a copy of building plans, and a certificate stating the year in which a building was co...

Other useful links

Civil Code; Land Registry and Topography Administration (Administration du cadastre et de la topographie); National Roads Administration (Administration des pon...

PAP « approuvés »

Tableau des plans d’aménagement particulier (PAP) dûment approuvés par le Ministre.

PAP « nouveau Quartier » (PAP NQ)

Le PAP NQ fixe les règles d’urbanisme et de lotissement pour les terrains non encore viabilisés au moment de son établissement.

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Pfaffenthal : Place Spidolsgaart

Travaux de réaménagement de l'espace urbain jusqu'en printemps 2023.

Pfaffenthal – Spidolsgaart

Plan d’aménagement général

Il est porté à la connaissance du public que le conseil communal, par sa délibération du 28 avril 2017, a voté le plan d’aménagement général (PAG) de la Ville d...

Chantier d'infrastructures

Private work sites

Utility markings, construction works in public spaces, occupation of public thoroughfares, and connections to the water and district heating networks.

Boulevard de la Pétrusse

Project for infrastructure works and partial redevelopment works on Boulevard de la Pétrusse

The project for infrastructure works and partial redevelopment works on Boulevard de la Pétrusse is being carried out in the Gare district, between Avenue de la...


Property of the Crown (1604–1797)

Pulvermühl – district centre

Isatis appart. extérieur Mühlenbach

Purchasing property from the City of Luxembourg

Range of modern and affordable urban housing options, for a diverse population that includes young households as well as families with several children.

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Quartier Bonnevoie-Nord/Verlorenkost : projet de réamenagement

Travaux de réaménagement à partir de l'été 2022


Building regulations, special conditions for conservation areas and listed building groups (ensembles sensibles), and related regulations.

Relevé complet des PAP en vigueur (version 01/03/2021)

Le présent tableau inclut tous les PAP « approuvés », les modifications y relatives ainsi que les PAP « nouveau Quartier » en vigueur.

Rent commission

The Commission des loyers (Rent Committee) is an arbitration body for landlords and tenants, which handles increases and reductions in rent.


Rollingergrund: Rue Jean-François Boch and Rue Louis Deny

Upgrade, replacement and enhancement works ongoing until 2022.

Schémas directeurs

Le schéma directeur a pour objet de préciser et de compléter les concepts de développement urbain, de mobilité ainsi que de mise en valeur des paysages et des e...

Schluechthaus 2022 porte ouverte


An architectural design competition will be launched in 2022 for the redevelopment of the Schluechthaus site.

Services proposés par le Konviktsgaart

Services provided at Konviktsgaart

Konviktsgaart offers a comprehensive range of services and facilities.

Illustration PAP Grossfeld ZM Sud îlots D et E

Special development plan (PAP)

The purpose of a special development plan is to clarify and implement the general development plan, while adhering to the method and degree of land use specifie...

Special development plan for existing developments (PAP QE)

During its meeting held on 28 April 2017, the municipal council approved the City's general development plan and the special development plans for existing deve...

Jardins de Luxembourg - Maquette

STADePARK - Team 196971

Statement of work

For major indoor maintenance, facade restoration and roof repair.

Subdivision (formerly fragmentation)

Any owner of a plot of land that can be built on immediately (regardless of whether this land has existing structures) who intends to break the land up into mul...

Renaturation écologique Parc Vallée de la Pétrusse

The Grund: Ecological redevelopment of the Pétrusse Valley

Click here to learn all about the land restoration project for the redevelopment of the Pétrusse and the park situated along this waterway.

Mansfeld drone

Urbanisation du site (1797-2022)

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Ville Haute/Grund: Montée du Grund and Rue Large

Upgrade works will last until August/September 2023.

Place de la Constitution

Ville Haute: Redevelopment of Place de la Constitution and Boulevard F.D. Roosevelt

The City and the Government of Luxembourg are to undertake a joint project to develop Place de la Constitution and its environs, creating a pleasant, multi-purp...

Place de l'étoile

Ville-Haute: Place de l’Étoile

<i></i>The urban development concept for Place de l'Étoile, a three-hectare site located close to the city centre.

Plan nouveau Knuedler

Ville-Haute: Place Guillaume II

Redevelopment work will be ongoing until 2023.

Parking Knuedler chantier escalier

Ville-Haute: Underground car park at Place Guillaume II

Extension and renovation works will be ongoing at the Knuedler car park until 2023.

Maquette Wunnquartier Stade

Winners of the urban planning competition

The selection committee of the urban planning competition unanimously agreed on the proposal that will form the basis for the "Wunnquartier Stade" development p...

Work site coordination

Work sites are coordinated at two levels: overall coordination (once per year) and local coordination (for each work site).