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A series of thought-provoking documentaries

The world is currently experiencing a period of profound upheaval: the debt crisis in industrialised countries is now of unprecedented proportions, to the extent that it threatens the very existence of the euro; Western populations are losing trust in their political representatives, who are powerless to resist market forces.

In these troubling times marked by financial and environmental crises that seem to appear out of nowhere (reminiscent of the ten plagues of Egypt), documentaries help to put things in perspective by explaining the reasons for our present situation, pinpointing individual responsibility and catalysing creative thought. 

Through a series of big-screen documentaries, Le Monde en doc seeks to encourage debate and give tangible cinematographic expression to the abstractness of a global world. Le Monde en doc prioritises thought-provoking documentaries that have never been released or are rarely screened in Luxembourg.

After each screening, audiences are invited to take part in an open discussion to draw parallels between the film and the situation in Luxembourg. 

The Le Monde en doc documentary series is jointly organised by the CinémathèqueetikaInitiativ fir Alternativ Finanzéierung ASBL, and ATTAC Luxembourg, with the support of Les amis du Monde diplomatique

Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction.


Lu 06 | 12 à 20h30 : Sankara n’est pas mort     ► 🎟
(France 2019 | vo | 110‘ | c | Documentaire de : Lucie Viver)

La projection sera suivie d’une discussion par visio-conférence avec la réalisatrice Lucie Viver.

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