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Photography exhibition by Véronique Kolber (September 2021–January 2022)

Artist and photographer Véronique Kolber created this project in collaboration with photography students at the Lycée Aline Mayrisch and their art teacher, Séverine Bauer.

Véronique Kolber is a freelance photographer who works in Luxembourg. She is especially interested in the themes of memory, reality and fiction, which she explores in an intimate, poetic style.

The students drew inspiration from her work as they set out to examine their own daily lives, seeking natural and artificial reflective light around them. Using their mobile phones to create a logbook of sorts, they captured images that can be interpreted as traces or marks of their everyday existence. Light reflected on a wall, a cloud of steam fogging a window and obscuring the view, a shimmering portrait: all these mundane phenomena colour our perception of the world we experience every day. In creating a distance from our inner lives, these "reflections" invite viewers to enter the realm of dreams, fantasy and obscurity.

Instincts. Same but different

Photography exhibition by Cristina Dias de Magalhães (April–September 2021)

The exhibition was put together by artist Cristina Dias de Magalhães and is meant to be experienced as a private diary in which the artist visually and emotionally interprets her family environment. Fascinated by the innate bond between her twin daughters, she has attempted to capture their experiences of early childhood through their eyes as they share moments of delight, explore their environment, discover themselves and build relationships with others.

By incorporating the animal universe her daughters love observing and analysing, she creates a dialogue between the images, in which instinct prevails and guides the observer. As a mother, she imagines herself as the archetypal figure of the animal, which is full of symbolism and human traits, and accompanies her daughters in their daily learning. Her diptychs reveal a silent bond created by feelings and shared moments.This physical, imaginary, yet authentic encounter reminds us that we are born into a complex world where instincts are the basis of survival.

Her project, "Instincts. Same but different", on display until September 2021, is part of the 8th European Month of Photography in Luxembourg.


Photography exhibition by Séverine Peiffer (December 2020–April 2021)

"Transitions" is a the result of a joint effort between the artist Séverine Peiffer, photography students at Lycée Aline Mayrisch Luxembourg, and their teacher Séverine Bauer. This project was devised by the artist, who encouraged students to explore their identity and emotions through photography, using the self-portraiture process as a means to build on their sense of identity.

The exhibition features 10 large-format portraits (120x160 cm) created using the wet-collodion process. These convey the emotions felt by these young adults in response to the world around them, serving both as a forceful affirmation of their existence, and as a dialogue between them and the observer.

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