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Conservation of rare and endangered useful plants

The Klouschtergaart  is a terraced garden at the foot of the Bock in the Grund Valley. Its mission is to reintroduce forgotten plant varieties and preserve the indigenous crops traditionally grown in our region.

The special microclimate at the foot of the Bock provides the ideal environment for the traditional useful plants cultivated here. Thanks to a careful selection process, these plants are becoming increasingly resistant, and thus better adapted to Luxembourg's climate.

Seed distribution

By collecting and distributing the seeds of certain rare plant species, Luxembourg City is saving them from extinction.

For the past several years, the Service Parcs (Parks Department) has given away these seeds for free (subject to availability), promoting the reintroduction and popularisation of traditional crops in school and private gardens.

Upcoming distributions of Klouschtergaart seeds (access via Rue Plaetis; no guided tours):

  • Spring 2021
    Due to organisational reasons, no seeds will be distributed this year.

Guided tours

In addition to planting and harvesting seeds, Luxembourg City organises guided tours for anyone interested in traditional agrobiodiversity with the aim of raising awareness and sharing its knowledge of these plant varieties.

How to get there

The Klouschtergaart can be accessed via Rue Plaetis and Rue Sosthène Weis.

the department

Contact details

132, rue de Reckenthal

Opening hours