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The "Concerts de midi" have been held since 1983 as part of a long tradition of free concerts put on by the City.The "Concerts de midi" were introduced to provide classical music enthusiasts with a chance to enjoy a midday musical interlude at different venues across Luxembourg City. The free "Concerts de midi", which are held on selected Fridays, cover a broad repertoire ranging from traditional classical music to more exotic finds. The delightfully stirring, soothing or atypical compositions are sure to enchant music lovers seeking a diverse musical programme.

Upcoming dates

Date Time Venue Ensemble
9 September 2022 12:30-13:30 Trinity church Musica senza Frontieri
23 September 2022 12:30-13:30 Trinity church Cyprien Keiser (Cello) & Jean-Baptiste Doulcet (Piano)
7 October 2022 12:30-13:30 Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg PERCUSSION DUO PORTER
21 October 2022 12:30-13:30 Trinity church Trio Lecuit Spiridigliozzi Tordini
11 November 2022 12:30-13:30 Trinity church DUO B!z'art
25 November 2022 12:30-13:30 Trinity church ACELGA quintet
9 December 2022 12:30-13:30 Trinity church UGDA

Contact details

Petit Passage

9, rue Chimay
L-2090 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:00–12:00 and 13:30–17:00

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