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The Service Sports (Sports Department) informs the public that the "Sports pour tous" classes will resume on Monday, 17 January 2022. Furthermore, ALL "Sports pour tous" classes (regardless of location (indoor/outdoor), type of activity or number of participants) will be held under the CovidCheck system.

Before coming to class, please read the CovidCheck information notice below, which outlines the requirements for people wishing to take part in these classes under the CovidCheck system.

Information notice regarding the organisation of the City of Luxembourg's "Sports pour tous" classes under the CovidCheck system

Following the most recent changes to the amended law of 17 July 2020 on measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic (loi modifiée du 17 juillet 2020 sur les mesures de lutte contre la pandémie Covid-19), there have been some changes to the organisation of the "Sports pour tous 2021-2022" programme. All "Sports pour tous" classes will be held under the CovidCheck system.

To take part in these activities, you must present:

  • a valid vaccination certificate with QR code attesting that you have completed a full vaccination cycle or a valid recovery certificate with QR code, or a certificate that your are exempt from vaccination for medical reasons; and
  • a valid form of ID. This allows our staff to verify that the certificate presented belongs to the person presenting their ID.
Participants are asked to always bring a paper copy of their Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate, or their medical exemption certificate, as a back-up to their digital certificate.

Participants must also present either a negative self-test conducted on the spot, a certified negative antigen test result, or a valid negative PCR test result. Exception: people who have received a booster shot and those who have completed their full vaccination cycle within the past 180 days need not provide a negative test result. Participants must bring their own rapid tests, which are to be administered on site.

Children under 12 years and 2 months are exempt from needing to present any such documents.
So as to prevent delays, participants are asked to arrive 15 to 20 minutes before the beginning of their class to allow enough time for testing. People who arrive late may be barred from participating in the sports activities.
Please note that the CovidCheck zone includes the sports hall, changing rooms and shower areas. All requirements regarding public health measures – in particular the need to wear a mask – continue to apply outside these areas, such as in the entry hall, corridors and stairwells.
For more detailed information, please contact the Service Sports directly ( / Tel.: 4796-4415 or 4796-4414).

The Sports pour tous programme offers a vast range of activities and allows young people, adults and seniors of all fitness levels to choose from over 160 recreational sports, fitness, and health classes held at various sports halls and pools, as well as outdoors. The new "Sports pour tous 2021–2022" season started on Thursday, 1 October 2021.

All of the classes are run by specially trained sports instructors from the Service Sports (Sports Department), as well as swimming instructors and trainers from authorised clubs.

Registration forms and practical information

Registration forms are available below and at the Service Sports (90, boulevard de Kockelscheuer / L-1821 Luxembourg / / Tel. 4796-4400 or 4796-4415).

Please note that participants must comply with the social distancing measures, safety precautions and hygiene practices that apply in all sports facilities (swimming pools, multi-purpose sports halls, gyms, etc.), at all open–air sites (parks, leisure centres, etc.) and during all the sports activities on offer.

Classes are free for young people, but registration, along with parental consent, is required.​

For adults and seniors who are Luxembourg City residents, registration costs €30/course/season, or €110 for a full season pass. Residents of other municipalities may enrol for €60/course/season, or €220 for a full season pass.

One class per season in the "seniors" programme is free for people aged 55 and up (registration is required).

International asylum seekers can sign up for the Sports pour tous programme for free, provided they are sponsored by a Luxembourgish organisation recognised for its work with international asylum seekers.

City employees can sign up for classes at the same prices as Luxembourg City residents, no matter where they live.

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