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CAPEL media centre

The CAPEL media centre contains:

  • a collection of books
  • a collection of audio media
  • as well as play materials and equipment.

It has some 5,000 books, journals and other documents covering topics related to children and youth, as well as a range of CDs on education-related subjects. Materials may be borrowed by the teaching and educational staff of Luxembourg City's municipal schools and foyers scolaires (childcare centres), as well as any other Luxembourg City municipal department.

Contact details

Monique Hames

Opening hours


9:00-16:00 and by appointment only

The CAPEL media centre also offers technical and play equipment (1,1000 games) that may be used for youth and children's events. CAPEL provides equipment to staff from municipal primary schools and foyers scolaires in Luxembourg City, such as small and large games, PA systems, musical instruments, cooking utensils, stage sets, costumes for adults, and much, much more (based on availability).

For information on availability:

Mauro Pisa – tel.: 4796-2487
Kevin Thoma – tel.: 4796-4610
Raymond Winandy – tel.: 4796-4456

Municipal library for Luxembourg City teaching and educational staff

As its name suggests, this library – which was created from the existing teachers' library – is now accessible not only to the teachers of Luxembourg City's municipal primary schools, but also to the City's other educational staff (Service Enseignement, Service Foyers scolaires, Service Crèches). But it is also a place where teachers and educators can meet to exchange ideas and share their experiences.

The library houses over 10,000 specialised books and magazines, which are organised by subject matter: teaching, psychology, philosophy, sociology, civics, literature, sports, languages, mathematics, art and culture, biology, national heritage, history, religion, etc.
Each field is also subdivided into individual topics. The section on teaching, for example, includes books on the neurosciences, emotions, body language, speech therapy, dyslexia and dyscalculia, the learning process and writing processes, failure at school, stress, multilingualism, children's rights and equal opportunity.

All the books may be read on-site or borrowed.

Books recommended as part of classes for continuing professional development can also be bought here. Simply fill in the form available below.

Contact details

Centre sociétaire de Cents « Schwaarzt Haus »

Yves Gasparet

167, rue de Trèves
L-2630 Luxembourg
(1er étage)

Opening hours


10:00–12:00 and 13:00–17:00


"eduLibrary" is the free school library management and learning resource platform for:

  • school libraries,
  • media centres,
  • learning resource centres,
  • and communities that would like to manage and add to a large document collection.


The site and app allow users to:

  • conduct work-related and/or public research
  • quickly get recommendations of things to read, watch and/or listen to, grouped by class year, type of book (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, specialised works, children's and youth literature, etc.) and by school
  • manage loan requests and returns, and receive notifications
  • view statistics: lending figures, average rating of online reviews, number of documents per category, opinion pieces,
  • and much more.