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World Endometriosis Awareness Month

On 30 March 2020, as part of World Endometriosis Awareness Month, the City will be hosting a series of events – including a round-table discussion, an exhibition and writing workshops – to raise awareness of a condition that is still largely unknown among the general public, patients themselves and many healthcare professionals.

Overview of endometriosis

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects about one in ten women.
Its symptoms vary widely depending on the location of endometrial implants. The main symptoms include painful periods (dysmenorrhoea), excessive bleeding, infertility, digestive and urinary disorders, chronic fatigue, pelvic and back pain, and painful intercourse (dyspareunia). Pain is the most common symptom, and is too strong to be treated with paracetamol. This pain is debilitating and can leave sufferers incapacitated for several days; in the most severe cases, it becomes chronic (source: endofrance).

Despite a substantial increase in research on the condition in the past few years, the average time from the initial onset of symptoms to diagnosis and treatment is between 7 and 10 years.

Conference and round-table discussion

To provide insight into the various aspects of the condition – explain what endometriosis is, how it is treated and where to find support – gynaecologists from Luxembourg and abroad, alternative-medicine specialists and psychologists will be contributing to the discussions. A moderator will preside over the round-table discussion, which will include several video testimonials.

The aim is to:

  • provide information on the causes, symptoms, effects and treatment of the condition, and to give patients, the general public and healthcare professionals the opportunity to discuss and share their views and experiences on the issue.

The round-table discussion to raise awareness and disseminate information about the condition is organised jointly by the municipalities of Dudelange and Bettembourg and the associations CID-Fraen an Gender, Cigale, Voix de jeunes femmes and the Association luxembourgeoise des Amis de la Fondation Louvain – ALAF (Friends of the Louvain Foundation).


Dates, times and locations

30 March 2020 at 19:00 at the Tramsschapp Cultural Centre (49, rue Ermesinde L-1469 Luxembourg)

  • 19:00: Welcome (refreshments will be provided)
  • 19:30: Welcome address
  • 19:35: Presentation about the current developments in endometriosis research, given by Prof. Jean-Luc Squifflet, gynaecologist at the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc – UCLouvain
  • 20:05: Round-table discussion, moderated by the journalist Anne Schaaf, about the various aspects of the condition, as well as treatment options and means of support

    • Suzanne Hilt, naturopath (Germany)
    • Anne-Marie Antoine, psychologist at Planning Familial
    • Dr Aissatou Diagne, gynaecologist at the CHL - Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg
    • Dr Marc Stieber, gynaecologist at the Clinique Bohler (Luxembourg)
    • Prof. Jean-Luc Squifflet, gynaecologist (Belgium)
  • 21:00: End of the event, followed by a drinks reception


German, French and English (with simultaneous interpreting).

The event is open to all and entrance is free.
To help us plan, please let us know if you wish to attend this event by sending an email to (not mandatory).